Tuesday, January 20, 2009

True that, man.

What a great day! The hooligans are out and the smart folks are in. Hopefully, between his ability to instill great leadership and the inspiration we all feel that will get us all up off our asses and figuring out ways to pull together, we actually have some hope of getting out of this mess.

So on that note, buy less shit that you don't need, be kind to your fellow man, and respect the planet. Period. This means YOU (and me).

Thanks to my man G-Ho for the above e-card that inspired this post.



Saturday, January 03, 2009

And the Best Hair in a Male Performance goes to... 

If you've seen this movie, you know what I'm talking about. The best hair scene is the one where Rourke is in a beauty salon telling the woman exactly how to do the highlights. Man. Rourke is back, and this girl is happy about it.

I would also like to give a retroactive award for 2007 to Javier Bardiem, whose hair turn in No Country for Old Men will serve as an inspiration for all future performances.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! 

Hello there boys and girls. Want to know what I did last night? I made myself a kick ass dinner and holed up at home with a bottle of Prosecco - and wrote in my blog. Which means it's really tonight, but to you, it was last night. Make sense? It was a great time to reflect on the kind of year I had and the kind of year I want to have.

For all that's happened in my life in 2008, nothing beats the election of Sir Barack Obama. Yeah, I'm just going to knight him myself, thank you very much. Anyway, it's nice to have someone in office bringing intelligence back as those motherfuckers in the previous eight years don't know how to act. Hopefully he and the rest of us can get together and bring about some of that change that we've been talking about for a while. Bypassing the bullshit and electing him in the first place was a major step.

One thing the turning over of a new year brings are those obnoxious lists: best movies, albums, celebrity mishaps (I'm talking to you, Plaxico), etc. I've got none of that. I don't go to the movies much. I haven't bought a CD myself in an age. I do know celebrity mishaps, but I'm ashamed to admit that. Instead, here's some other things off the top of my head that were great about 2008.

I finally got out of my credit card debt after many years - a present to myself for my birthday in May, and I did it before the recession really hit. Timing is everything.

I played a lot of gigs with Samba New York and that's been amazing. I think I can even call myself a musician. Now where are my groupies and who brought the blow?

I went on an amazing trip to Italy with some of my family and my good friend Trisha. Italy is one of the countries of my ancestors and it was interesting to feel that connection to the people and the land. Although next time, I need to visit the region of my family (around Naples). I did get to see Venice, the most surreal place yet.

As usual, another year in New York meant another year of amazing art, theater, music and other events that this city has to offer. Angels and Accordians, Equus, Gypsy (with the great Patty Lupone), the Salvador Dali exhibit, David Byrne's Playing the Building, and of course a show or two by The Giraffes and a couple of Paul Auster readings!

I don't believe in resolutions - or rather, I don't believe in telling anyone about them lest you fail in being true to them. But I did decide that I needed to try and revive this blog again, update the site, and bring Little Red Menace back into the cyberworld. There will be some new video, art work, and perhaps some zany hijinks that only a blog can bring.

Hell, I may even get a Facebook page if that will make you all pay attention to me. But that's not a resolution or anything. In any case, Little Red Menace is back!

Love to you all!


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