Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mysterious Odors and Subway Superheroes. 

Yikes! That smell.

Stories like this make me love this town.

First up, last week, a 50 year old construction worker saved a 20 year old man from getting creamed by an oncoming train. Seems the young man fell off the platform after having some sort of "medical episode". He happened to miss the rails and fell in the space between the them. The other man, making a quick decision after seeing the headlights of an oncoming train, jumped into the space and laid on top of the guy in order to hold them both down far enough so the train would pass right over them. The conductor couldn't stop in time, but both men narrowly escaped injury.


Next up, yesterday a strange odor permeated most of Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn and Jersey City. I smelled nothing because I've been in and out of a bad cold since I got back from California. However, others smelled gas. It was stronger in some places and caused a few folks to become ill. But in the end, the odor remained mysterious and according to Bloomberg, not dangerous.

And it's only January 9th. Geez!

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