Tuesday, July 18, 2006

With all due respect.. 

what the HELL???

My nameless but not imaginary friend and I went to a free advance screening of the new Woody Allen film "Scoop" last night. It was hot as blazes outside so we were excited about the idea of sitting in an air conditioned theater for a couple of hours. For that, I'd see a movie by Satan himself. Or even Speilberg.

We had checked in for our tickets and were waiting in a very long line to get seats when they announced that we had to turn off our cel phones in advance. Not an unreasonable request. However, as we were getting closer, we saw that the theater employees were checking everyones cel phones and if it had a camera in it, we had to check it. My friend advised strongly against this as I would end up having to wait at least a half hour after the movie to get it back.

Of course, this made me panic but I didn't know how to get around it. At first, I just lied and told them I didn't have a phone. But then, a second set of employees were searching bags. I freaked out because I had lied to the first set of employees and now it would appear that I was pulling some funny business. Now, I understand that since it's an advance screening, they don't want people taking pictures of the screen or recording it. However, this was worse than being at JFK. I was waiting for them to make me take my shoes off.

I ended up hiding my phone in a bag that had a half sandwich in it. I figured, if I was going to get busted, I'd just go all out. But they didn't take out that bag so I got in. After that came the wand. I thought "That's it - I'm getting kicked out of a Woody Allen movie!". Alas, that did not happen. It was ridiculous. You could probably sneak a bomb onto any number of subway stations in Brooklyn easier than you can get into a NY film screening with a camera phone.

As for the movie, it doesn't suck. Rent it.

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