Saturday, May 27, 2006

This neighborhood is bootylicious! 

This store is catty corner from my building in Washington Heights. Yeah, I've been living up here EAST of Broadway for almost ten months now. But sadly my sublet is coming to an end and I'm leaving very soon. The good news is that I'm moving to Brooklyn. But I will surely miss it here - my lovely Dominican neighborhood.

I'll miss the Dunkin Donuts around the corner. They knew exactly how I liked my coffee and would have it made the second they saw me walk in.

The cheap Dominican clothing stores are amazing. They saved my summer as I was able to buy some cheap and cute tops and it didn't matter if they fell apart at the end of the season. I also love their message tee shirts, my favorite being "Dominican Girls are so HOT right now!"

Speaking of which, the Dominican women in my neighborhood, besides being mad bootylicious, are some of the sassiest bad ass women around. I would not advise messing with one. Ever.

I'll miss being called a "blancquita" by the neighborhood men drinking Coronas on their stoops on a hot summer day.

My area gets a bad rap from the particularly cautious. But I've never really had any problems. There are a lot of amazing people here. It's fun and lively. The rents up here are decent, especially by Manhattan standards.

I heart you, Washington Heights! I will try to visit after I go.

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