Friday, May 05, 2006

I could do this, but I don't wanna. 

For those of you who don't know, David Blaine is up to his latest stunt. He's living underwater in a glass sphere outside of the Julliard School in Lincoln Center for a week. This stunt will end on Monday evening as he will emerge only to be wrapped in heavy chains and dropped back into the tank. He will then attempt to hold his breath for a record nine minutes while busting out of said chains. I decided I had to pay him a visit this morning since my bookkeeping client lives two blocks away from the action.

I arrived on the scene at 9am. Side note: on the way I decided to stop at Starbucks as such a spectacle absolutely warranted a green tea tall latte. In order to shoot my dick quotient through the roof, I ordered said drink with soy milk. It was rather tasty.

The pic above was taken at 9:30am when he finally woke up. But when I first arrived, his lazy underwater-havin' ass was still asleep. What the hell? He's got people to entertain. It was really creepy and kind of cool. I was told that he has a feeding tube and a catheter. Good times.

After I took the first pics, I headed over to the fountain and enjoyed my overpriced drink as I watched a man sleep in a water bubble.

How was YOUR morning?

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