Thursday, March 09, 2006

Literary Hoaxes - In or Out? 

In. Definitely In.

First it was the revelation that James Frey's "memoirs" of a former drug addict were not entirely true. This discovery made Oprah look like an asshole, so she had to take it out on the guy on her TV show. Talk about expert backpeddling. And I can only imagine that those of her followers who actually wanted to sue Frey feel like dicks for blindly assuming that anything that anyone writes is true. Who better to take out their anger on than the perpetrator of the "lies" that they so willingly swallowed. One of the best and funniest stories of 2006 so far.

Now I've just found out, and it's been sort of confirmed in the last month, that JT LeRoy, author of such astonishing "memoirs" of his fucked up childhood as "Sarah" and "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things" is a hoax. He doesn't exist as we all thought. The 20-something year old transgendered who survived an absolutely harrowing existence only to become a literary darling and supposed buddy of Madonna is really the creation of a 40 year old woman from San Francisco named Laura. Sounds just like ME, but...uh....not.

For at least one side of the story, Check this out. May phony memoirs become the new trend! Especially if it makes asses out of talk show hosts.

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