Saturday, March 18, 2006


These things make me laugh for various reasons. I don't normally make lists, but it's been something I have been thinking about lately.

Here goes:

Hypocrites (I'm looking at you, Isaac Hayes).

People who worry that Gay marraige will lead to Polygamy - as if that's a bad thing, which leads to..

The idea that marraige is a sacred institution. Granted, your own marraige can and should be sacred to you. But in a general sense (and in the words of Chris Rock), "this shit ain't sacred!"

The phrase "Oscar Worthy".

The Colbert Report. Stephen, I still heart you even though you won't put it in me.

The O'Reilly Factor. Does anyone take this guy seriously?

The G train. Really? Why do you exist?

The term "emo". It reminds me of the comedian.

The recent literary hoaxes (but you already knew that).

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