Friday, March 31, 2006

The Greatest Movie Never Made - Yet. 

I just got back from the fabulous Whitney Museum as I was there to check out the Bi-ennial on "Pay What You Wish" Friday. The highlight is a faux trailer of a remake of Caligula. It's introduced by Gore Vidal and boasts a cast that includes Helen Mirren, Karen Black, Michelle Phillips, Benicio Del Toro (in a turn that would do Tony Curtis proud) and Courtney Love in the best performance of her life.

It's sprawling, decadent and very graphic. A genius work. I am firmly convinced that there will not be a film released this or even next year that will be as epic and hilarious as this trailer. It's fantastic. If you're in New York, go to the Bi-ennial before it ends. If you're not, try and find it somehow or get your asses out here to see it. My friend Liza and I watched it four times tonight - it's running on a loop.

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