Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Harlem! F**k YEAH! 

I spent the morning in Harlem today. Actually, just on W125th St at the New York Employment Development Department. See, they want all of us living off the dole to, how you say, get a job. I ran into a funny guy I know from my last job and we checked out all of the cute slacker boys at the orientation. But we already know that those guys are unemployed, so that's a time saver.

So I'm walking down 125th Street and am noticing that it seems to have become a little gentrified. There is a huge Old Navy and Nine West store. I also understand that some brownstones in the area are being turned into expensive condos. Although that's been going on for a while now. I hadn't seen the Apollo theater before, so that was cool.

As the sign above says, give it up for Coretta Scott King! She was a great woman and it's amazing that she did so much for many years after losing her husband. I caught some of the funeral service on TV this afternoon. Unfortunately they only showed Bush's eulogy. He did say some very nice things about her. Too bad he's not done much for her people, especially late last year. Actually, over the years the government hasn't really done a whole hell of a lot for blacks in this country. That's why it's a good thing that people with hearts and souls like the Kings still exist. It's just too bad they're not running things.

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