Thursday, February 23, 2006

Taking Sides 

So I was listening to Paul's Boutique today at a friend's place where I am housesitting. It's a great record and it's been a long time since I've given it a listen as I do not happen to own it in it's latest technologically correct format.

I did once own it on vinyl back in the day. My favorite side was side 2, so that was the side I listened to this morning.

Yes I know that CDs don't have sides and that, my friends, is the problem. I know some of you out there in blogland are too young to have listened to much on vinyl. But not so long ago we had to listen to one side of a record and then turn it over and listen to the other side should we desire to listen to the entire record.

When I was a lot younger, me and my friends never bothered listening to entire records in one sitting. We'd play one side, then we'd play one side of the next record and so on. It didn't take long to determine a favorite side of a record and thus, that was the side that got the most play.

In high school, I had a job at my father's record store. We sold vinyl and cassette tapes. When we played records in the store, we were only allowed to play one side.

So I say to you all, just because records are now on CD, which technically turns the entire record into one side, we are not obligated to listen to the whole thing. If you own any CDs that you used to own on vinyl, I say to you - pick a side and play it.

That's all I'm saying.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Day! 

Over 20 inches of snow since late last night here in old New York. This is the intersection of W. 180th Street and Saint Nicholas taken from the front entrance of my apartment building. It's quite spectacular. This photo was taken around 10:30am east coast time. Since then it's stopped snowing for now and the streets are clearer.

I'm having a hard time believing that it is supposed to get up to 50 degrees by mid week. Yay global warming!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Harlem! F**k YEAH! 

I spent the morning in Harlem today. Actually, just on W125th St at the New York Employment Development Department. See, they want all of us living off the dole to, how you say, get a job. I ran into a funny guy I know from my last job and we checked out all of the cute slacker boys at the orientation. But we already know that those guys are unemployed, so that's a time saver.

So I'm walking down 125th Street and am noticing that it seems to have become a little gentrified. There is a huge Old Navy and Nine West store. I also understand that some brownstones in the area are being turned into expensive condos. Although that's been going on for a while now. I hadn't seen the Apollo theater before, so that was cool.

As the sign above says, give it up for Coretta Scott King! She was a great woman and it's amazing that she did so much for many years after losing her husband. I caught some of the funeral service on TV this afternoon. Unfortunately they only showed Bush's eulogy. He did say some very nice things about her. Too bad he's not done much for her people, especially late last year. Actually, over the years the government hasn't really done a whole hell of a lot for blacks in this country. That's why it's a good thing that people with hearts and souls like the Kings still exist. It's just too bad they're not running things.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ride into the Danger Zone 

I had a very strange dream the other night. I walked into my kitchen and there is Tom Cruise at my sink getting a glass of tap water. As he's drinking his water I introduce myself and I share with him a theory that a friend of mine has about him.

Said friend, a while back, theorized that Tom Cruise is really an animatron who was built by the William Morris Agency specifically to date younger actresses and further their careers.

So as I am telling him this, he turns his head and a massive stream of water come out of his mouth like a firehose. He proceeds to douse me with water until I can no longer speak.

Then I woke up.

What the hell does this mean? Dream analyzers - I am calling out to you.

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