Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cold Lampin' with the Flava. 

OK - do we really live in a society where young women will humiliate themselves on national television for the love of Flava Flav? Apparently, the premise of this show is that Flav is looking for a girl who will love him for him and not his fame and fortune. But I'm thinking he might be going about that the wrong way.

Here's the thing Flav - plenty of us love you for your participation in Public Enemy, one of the most important groups to hit the music scene in my humble opinion. Isn't that enough? Do you really have to whore yourself this way? You know Chuck D doesn't approve.

And if you're looking for real love, don't do it on television. That goes for all of you out there.

Flava Flav is in everything you eat, cuz' everything you eat's got Flava. Indeed.

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