Friday, January 27, 2006

It's the little things... 

So I just got home from an early evening out with the girls and decided I needed to just get one more beer. I went to one of the corner stores right by my apartment building. I buy a Sapporo in a can. As I am walking home I notice that the guy put a straw in my bag. A straw. That's hot. That's my neighborhood. We get beer to go and drink it on the streets.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh Lord! 

My church collection basket is here! I purchased it from eBay and it just arrived minutes ago from Canada. It's smaller than I thought it would be. I plan to make an art piece out of it. But before that, I may wander around on the subways and see what I can get. Maybe someone will spit in it.

Such baskets are surprisingly expensive. I really wanted to buy a nice lined one. Collection plates are kind of cool too.

I'm going to hell, aren't I?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shelley, oh how I heart thee. 

I just read last night that one of my favorite artists of all time, Shelley Winters, passed away over the weekend. She was either 83 or 85. For some reason, no one is really clear on her real age.

Shelley was a poor girl from Brooklyn who became one of the greatest actors of her time. Hell, of ALL time in my personal opinion. She could allow herself to be completely vunerable, sometimes to a fault, on the screen. But in real life she seemed to be nobody's fool. She more than held her own against her contemporaries. She was a beautiful woman who allowed herself to be not so beautiful or glamorous for the sake of her work. Not many actresses of her day or any day can say the same. Hell, she let herself get dumpy and didn't seem to even give a fuck. I loved that about her!

I think my favorite performance of hers was in A Place In the Sun. I also highly recommend A Patch of Blue, Lolita, Night of the Hunter, and of course, Alfie. Oh, and I don't care what anyone says - she kicked ASS in the Poseiden Adventure!

She was one of a kind. I'm sure she'll be missed by many. And I wish there were a lot more actresses like her.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Que hora es? 

Apparently, the answer to that question of late is: Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

It's everywhere, people! Have you noticed this lately? Ever since the reference was made on Family Guy about a month ago, it keeps popping up. The final straw was listening to my roommates sing the ditty as they were returning from buying beer. For some reason it makes all of us laugh like mad.

I became aware of this video a few years ago over the Xmas holiday. I was visiting my mother in Ossining and my sister was there with her toddler son, otherwise known as my amazing nephew Ben! My sis played the video for us so that we could spend hours watching Ben dance and laugh in a way that only a nearly two year old toddler can. Not a day in our week long stay went by without this special ritual of the Peanut Butter Jelly dance. I swear it was in my head far more than any Xmas carol could hope to be. But then the holidays ended, life went on, and I rarely thought about the ridiculous dancing banana.

Until now.

It may haunt my soul forever.

P.S. The lovely photo of the pb&j burrito was copped from a blog by Felix Jung , who offers a chronicle of The Second Annual Experimental Peanut Butter Jelly Extravaganza. It's one of the best of the blogs and comes highly recommended by Bay Area band Griddle (who also happen to be friends of mine and I highly recommend checking them out!)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cold Lampin' with the Flava. 

OK - do we really live in a society where young women will humiliate themselves on national television for the love of Flava Flav? Apparently, the premise of this show is that Flav is looking for a girl who will love him for him and not his fame and fortune. But I'm thinking he might be going about that the wrong way.

Here's the thing Flav - plenty of us love you for your participation in Public Enemy, one of the most important groups to hit the music scene in my humble opinion. Isn't that enough? Do you really have to whore yourself this way? You know Chuck D doesn't approve.

And if you're looking for real love, don't do it on television. That goes for all of you out there.

Flava Flav is in everything you eat, cuz' everything you eat's got Flava. Indeed.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ringing in the New Year! 

Liz, me, Michael and Matt with the Big Apple

I had a crazy time this New Years Eve with some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang comrades. Me, Michael and Liz met at Matt's house for the last supper of steaks and wine. Then Michael went off to Times Square and the rest of us went to the Ace of Clubs to see Brooklyn's own Giraffes and Dj Cherokee spinning hard rock records beforehand. It was a most excellent time.

The apple you see in the picture had a wild time. It played a prominent part in the evening's most surreal moment as it was offered by yours truly to the Giraffes' lead singer in the middle of their set. He looked at me as if I were insane. Then he handed the apple to the guitarist who proceeded to take a huge bite out of it before handing it back to me. Then it was passed around the audience until it was reduced to a little core. At least it went out in style.

I was one of a few who got up on stage and sang with the band. I have the bruises to prove it.

Pics will be on the sidebar soon. In the meantime, click on flickr and take a peek.

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