Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out with the old! 

May every one of you out there celebrate wildly this evening! I plan to go see The Giraffes, Brooklyn's best metal/punk outfit. Cherokee will be spinning hard rock records before their set. It promises to be an evening of debauchery of which I may even participate! Stay tuned for photos.

I'm ready for 2006, but 2005 was a rather interesting year for me. I came to New York and somehow I am still here - and loving it! I'm still not sure what my life here will be, if any. Which has made the year difficult and exciting all at once. This city can beat you down sometimes, but if you can hack it it's a great place to be!

Lots of highlights in my year of NY living. I worked on Broadway. I met Paul Auster (my favorite author, for those who don't know). I'm discovering the music scene here. I joined many New Yorkers in dealing with the transit strike. I went to Coney Island in the summer and rode the most dangerous wooden roller coaster known to man. I went to the Arthur Avenue italian food fair on the anniversary of 9/11. I discovered amazing soup dumplings in Chinatown. I went to a roller disco party in Chelsea. I sang showtunes at a West Village piano bar. I played bongos briefly on a subway train.

Basically I did things that people do in any city in the world. It's just new to me because it's a new city and I'm still starry eyed.

Next year I look forward to being more settled, healthy, drama-free and creative.

I wish you all an amazing blowout and a fruitful new year!


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