Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Shout Out for some of my favorite female artists! (in no particular order) 

-D'aria Rose and Athena! The most beautiful sister team in San Francisco, they're the dancers and back-up singers of Triple Cobra, one of the best new rock bands to hit the city by the bay! The lovely and imaginative ladies are fun to watch and are an important part of the amazing spectacle that is this band (Oh, and Attiss, Clitty, Ryan and Bill are no slouches either). I miss them a bunch. If any of you out there are ever anywhere near this band when they're playing a gig, you MUST attend. Especially if you like Champagne.

-Nina Antze (my mom!) She's a supreme quiltmaker who is the leader in quilting software. She also does some amazing botanical drawings. She continues to inspire me and she rules - as a mother AND an artist!

-Carolyn Alroy! This wonderfully talented woman and good friend of mine has released her first full length CD with the appropriate title of "Gorgeous Enormous". Sparse and beautiful tunes, and a delicious cover of "Helter Skelter". She'll have a site soon and it will be placed in my permanent links. But in the meantime, give a listen at CD Baby. She'll be playing a gig soon in New York, so keep an eye out for her!

-Lauren Curtis! Jersey based Lauren is cool as hell. She not only creates amazing art and illustrations, she sells gothic and wiccan gifts and crafts. She also has amazingly long nails that inspire strange men to buy her drinks. We plan to conquer the world with our deviled egg plan!

- Cherokee. I don't know her, but I'm kind of in love with her. She's in a cool band called Honor Among Thieves and she's bad ASS and beautiful. We had a special moment that I am sure she has quickly forgotten. But it will hold a place in my heart forever. Go to their site. Look at her pictures.

-Margrit Eichler! A jewel of San Francisco, Margrit is an incredible songwriter and her band is True Margrit , also featuring talented musicians Gary Hobish and Andrew Bacon. They're not women, but whatev. Seaworthy is their new CD. Go to their site and check it out. I miss being able to see them now that I am not in SF, but I hope they come to New York soon. If they are on a coast near you, GO SEE THEM!

-Iris Alroy! One of my greatest friends in the Bay Area that I miss dearly. One of the most creative persons ever and a beautiful woman. Her art is all over the map, and you can see some of it here.

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