Tuesday, May 04, 2004

New York Stories 

I am now in Day 8 of my New York trip. As always, when I come here I want to do anything and everything. But I can't. And it hurts. Plus, I have been a bit under the weather for some of this trip. But I am still having fun and have fallen in love all over again with my second favorite U.S. city.

I also meant to do some filming here for the Ralph C. doc. But since I am on vacation, I am having trouble getting into that mode. However, I did some shooting in Brooklyn in an area where Ralph lived with his first wife for a spell while she attended Pratt Art Institute. Speaking of Brooklyn, the more I explore this great burrough, the more I realize that this is the place to be should one decide to move to NY from the Bay Area. Williamsburg is especially filled with expatriates from San Francisco and, of all places, Seattle as well. Let's all move there. Now!

If you are perusing my photo album here you will see an image of the King of Williamsburg. Actually, he has been officially given that title by yours truly. I was walking down Lorimar Street to catch the subway back to Manhattan after visiting friends and I saw this mafioso looking guy sunning himself outside his street level apartment (or perhaps a business) as "Strangers in the Night" (the Sinatra version, of course) was blaring out of his window. It was a beautiful sight and my only regret was not taking a movie of it. Oh well. I was already afraid this guy might come over and smash my camera on the ground, so I had to just quickly take a photo and be on my way.

Other highlights thus far: the church in Sleepy Hollow with Chagall windows done in the 60s, Tom Stoppards "Jumpers", The Hells Angels Club, Cheap drinking in the Village, Coney Island, and schlepping around SOHO in the rain. Oh, and I saw Joey Ramone Place and had a moment of silence before going drinking again.

New York ROCKS!

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