Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Fighting the good fight.  

So, Matt G is not in the house and Gavin is. That I am bummed about.

However, I am immensely happy because for the first time, I believe that people can make a difference in politics and I agree with Matt that while we did not win, we also did not lose. An amazing thing happened here in San Francisco and if we keep it going, change will come. That's something I have NEVER believed in before and I know a lot of people at the campaign party that I spoke to last night felt the same.

I also believe that since Gavin is now our mayor, it's our responsibility to keep an eye on him and to, as Matt put it, oppose him when he's wrong and get behind him when he's right. We have too much at stake to do otherwise.

I am also super stoked because my Rockout video got screened at the party in front of lots of people who appeared to really dig it. However, it was almost midnight so I have no idea if Matt was still around and if he saw it. But it was still a thrill! It's not on the web yet, but stay tuned!

I'm a filmmaker. Hell YEAH!

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